HAI Project Donation of 100 Football is part of ceremony celebrating NSL's restoration of primary school in Thailand.

07/03/2017 CSR
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“For NSL, it’s not just about what the Hai Project is, but what the ball enables us to do,” “The donation of the 100 ball is a tremendous milestone in our effort to help children everywhere realize that through play all things are possible.”

- HAI Project Football Donate delivered to c children to use play as a way to overcome or find relief from life’s daily challenges, as well as providing local youth an alternative activity in deprived areas

- Play was brought to primary schools in the most rural regions of Thailand, where seven out of every 100 Thai children do not have parents to care for them.

- HAI Project Football donate helped associated with gang culture into a place where children can play and learn valuable life skills

- we are aiming to make the children more physically fit, introduce them to know sports , enhance their motivation, dreams and self-esteem, bridge the gender differences and provide them with health lessons and life skills.